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New printing available again from Abyssinian publishers. 

The next printing is available again and is published by Abyssinian Publishing. The book can be ordered at the following link:

Detours through the Parkinsonian Brain is a self-help book for and by people with Parkinson's and their loved ones. With this book we want to enable people to name the thinking obstacles that get in their way the most, facilitate discussions on a relatively invisible subject, inspire people to try out the detours made by their peers, inform and raise awareness. The thinking obstacles and detours were collected as part of a scientific study: The COPIED study. COPIED symbolises learning from each other by copying each other.

This book is meant to be leafed through at your leisure, to be left open on a page that appeals to you, to be discussed with the people you love, to be taken to your care worker, to be left lying around and then to see what happens when others see it. Above all, it is meant to make thinking obstacles in Parkinson's so visible that their invisibility is no longer an obstacle in itself.

There A free digital open access version is also available. You can view and download it here. Its performance has not been studied.

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